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Linking Log


I wrote some things on the internet:
Oh hey! I wrote this piece about gossip and how I try to avoid it.

I also wrote about 3 healthy, cozy meals for couples.

We are eager to put the children to bed to watch:
Mozart in the Jungle – a fascinating fictional look inside the New York Symphony with eye candy and Malcolm McDowell. It makes James and I reminisce about the art we never took seriously enough.

Orphan Black, Season 2 – we cut out the cable this month and invested in a few shows that we otherwise wouldn’t have. I am in complete admiration of the job that … does with this character.

I just thought these were interesting:
How Leslie Jones got to Ghostbusters – She’s my absolute favorite SNL cast member and I couldn’t be happier to see this! Hooray! Hooray!

How to make the best Jalapeno poppers – Even though our family took this year off of the NFL, I’m not above checking out y’alls Superbowl snack links. Three cheers to Serious Eats for some great tips!

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Recipe for Whole 30 HJ Burgers

One of January’s challenges is keeping on the Whole 30 while feeding the rest of my family.
They love me, but they will not participate in any such thing.

It’s totally cool.
I get to eat burgers like these.

We get around the meals with food like Whole 30 HJ Burgers. I eat these meat patties wrapped in butter lettuce with onions, bacon and mayo. They eat these burgers with delicious hamburger buns and Zesties. We’re all happy.

Ingredients for HJ Whole 30 BurgersIngredients
1 pound hamburger
1/2 pound pork sausage
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp garlic salt
1/2 tsp seasoning salt
1 tsp kosher salt


Mix the garlic salt, seasoning salt, kosher salt and pepper in a small bowl.

Crack and beat the egg in another small bowl until blended.
Cut 12 pieces of wax paper into pieces roughly 8×8 inches square.

Wash your hands.

Unwrap the meat onto a large cutting board.
Squish the meat together, add the garlic salt and pepper and seasoning salt and the egg.
Continue to smoosh together with your hands.
Create a shape unlike any found in nature and laugh and weep at the same time.

Scoop into snowball sized balls. I can make 10 of them.
How many can you make?

Squish meat balls to a thickness somewhere between 1/2 and 1 inch.

Stack the hamburgers in between the pieces of wax paper.

Put the hamburgers in the refrigerator while you pull the rest of the fixins together — wash the lettuce (dry it too), slice tomato and onions, frizzle the bacon.

Heat a cast iron skillet (we use this griddle from Lodge) over medium-high heat for 2-3 minutes.

Cook each burger for about 3 minutes per side. You can do this on any flat pan-like surface.

For the rest of my family, I add the cheese after I flip the burgers.

For me, I go cheeseless.
It’s a sacrifice I make for one month, every year.

Then we toast the buns that I won’t eat and I serve the burgers with all the fixins.

So, what are you eating by the end of January? Any new foods in your rotation? Any tips for lettuce wrap burgers? Tell me these things.

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Poetry Friday: Biological Imperative

I can’t help it.

Late at night, after the men fall asleep, after they pass out, because, hell, we were all drinking, my defenses are down.

I give in to my biological urge to feed.

I can’t help it.

Late at night, after the men fall asleep, after they pass out, because, hell, I’m a woman, I am driven by my God Given Urge.

I can’t help it.

Late at night, after the men, pass out really, they shouldn’t have been drinking so much for them to fall asleep so soundly like that, because, hell, I’m a human animal.

I can’t help it.

Late at night, after the men pass out, because it’s their own stupid fault, I pull out my scoop. I carefully pour a cup of dry rice in their open, gaping mouths.

I can’t help it.

They don’t like it. Sometimes they wake up and fight.
But I hold them down until I’m done.
I just need to feed them.
Just let me put this rice in your mouth.
It’s my biological imperative.


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Wine Wednesday: My Favorite Corkscrew

Guy Genie in a bottle

Maybe I’m INSANE.

Or, I just found my favorite corkscrew.

I have used a lot of corkscrews in my day. And now, in my 10th year in the wine industry, I can solidly recommend my favorite.

My Guy Fieri Cruisin’ Waiters Corkscrew is the best damn corkscrew I’ve ever used. It’s the perfect weight for my hands, it’s great quality, the knife stays sharp and all the parts work exactly as they should.

Guy Fieri's corkscrew is my favorite.The bright yellow color means I find it easily in the utensil drawer.
The source means it’s always good for a Guy Fieri story. And everyone has a good Guy Fieri story.
The name, “CRUISIN’ WAITERS” elicits a feeling that’s both dirty and efficient.

Thank you Guy. Your corkscrew is THE REAL DEAL INDEED.


P.S. I bought this corkscrew at a Walgreens with my own money.



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Linking Log

Stroller Party USA

Happy Tuesday!
Here are five links that kept me scrolling this week.

Top Five Digital Media Launch Mistakes
ust because you have a proprietary CMS doesn’t mean you’ve done it. Love this breakdown of some pitfalls of the current publishing model.

Mater Mea
Mater Mea is chock full of mothers of color sharing life philosophies> It’s positive. It’s artistic. Every day I learn something more from Anthonia’s powerful point of view.

Choosing Red Wine for your Wedding
Did you know I write for the Monogamy Wines wedding blog?
(Now you do.)

“Your life wants to kill you. Get lonely and let it. What’s the worst that could happen?”

20 Detox Salads to Get You Back on Track
I’m starting to get bored with salads. And it’s only been two weeks.
Foodie Crush knows what I’m in the mood for before I’m in the mood for it with these gorgeous salads. Plus, those images!

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