31 December, 2002  |   Comments Off on Resolve-ation.


Last year, my most important resolution read something like this:
“Be more classy.” (1)

That was my goal.

I also wanted to
2. Learn how to make pasta by hand.
3. Run a marathon.
4. Take a more active role in the “I hate black olives.” club.
5. Learn to punch someone in the face.
6. Never be broke.

I have accomplished 3 of the 6.

Which three, you’ll be able to tell.

Two years ago I resolved to
“Make my bed every day”
And I’m still maintaining, buddy.
Still maintaining.

This year I resolve to:
Get Married.
Use The Phone More.
Draw Something Every Day.

If I keep it to three, I daresay I’ll be okay.

And what are YOU resolvating?

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