I love my job. I

I love my job.
I love the internet.

Today, my job is even greater, as I’m out surfing the World Wide Web for cool and neato designs and cooler and neatoer technologies.

I’m totally loving my Scary Girl, Scotch & Soda and a little bit of Design is Kinky.

I’m a bit concerned, however at the proliferation of the giant image/horizontal navigation/CSS tags (including dashed lines and the everyworldly Verdana).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the clean lines, the small type and the simple backgrounds. But when you see the layout similarities from here to here to here to here to here to here, you might start to worry about the merging of usability and similarity.

It used to be that corporate design meant Blue. Corporate design meant Swoosh. Corporate design meant Marketing telling us, “I want Movement! Action.”

Now, it appears the clean design and usability kids are getting their point across.

Really, really, really almost too well.

Weekend points.There is so much

Weekend points.

  • There is so much fantastic weather in the Bay Area, sometimes it’s nice to blow off “The Outdoors” and stay inside working on your computer for almost all of Saturday.
    (now that I’ve said that, will the good weather cease–simply to spite me? I knock on wood! I take it back!)
  • Whoever said lovin’ gets worse when you’re married was dead wrong. Real dead wrong.
  • My new Netflix subscription (first thing I signed up for with my new name!) scored me Roman Holiday, Casablanca and Vertigo for weekend movie watching.
  • Sunday’s birthday party was a blast. Hilary and I made a Baked Alaska (successful) and tried to light it on fire (unsuccessful). It was sweet, sticky, messy, delicious 1960’s wonderfulness. I’m posting the recipe as soon as I remember it.
  • One recipe I DO remember is the recipe for the Whitish Sangria I made. (Boy, it was tasty!)

    4 peeled and sliced kiwis
    2 peeled and sliced peaches
    1 package of strawberries, sliced thin
    1/4 cup sugar
    1/2 cup white rum (if you can’t find it, Captain’s will work)
    1 big bottle cheapish Pinot Grigio.
    Lots of IceThrow all the fruit in bottom of a large pitcher or punchbowl and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of sugar.

    Pour 1/2 cup white rum on top of the fruit and let it sit for about an hour.

    Pour the big bottle of white wine in there with about 2 cups of white grape juice. Add more sugar if you need it.

    Stir, add ice cubes and chill.

    It will be the first thing to run out.

    Actually, everyone will be slightly irritated you didn’t make more.

  • When your handsome husband pulls out the guitar and says to everyone, “I wrote a song for Helen Jane on her birthday, based on a poem she wrote about the weekend we met,” it will be one of the single most moving, tear-inducing moments of your life.Trust me on this one.

There were details on the

There were details on the thing, but this is the INTERNET.

(I’m just posting this ’cause I’m excited about it. That’s all)

I’m a huge fan of

I’m a huge fan of the Cinemax late night.

I don’t know how you can’t be…
That Dialogue!
The Pretense!
The Plots!

The naked ladies!

And every night,
I stop the clicker on Cinemax during my pre-falling-asleep-on-the-couch routine.

And every night James says,
“Aw, come on, you don’t really want to watch this cheesy crap.”

And even though I really, really do, I change the channel.

I mean, I really should, there are documentaries, action-packed thrillers and The Learning Channel to watch.

But on my birthday night, my husband did something special.

As I paused on the soft-core,
as my finger hovered,
waiting for his “Aw, come on…”
he said nothing.

And we watched every single minute of Indiscretions followed up with Passionate Desires.

Every minute.

And out of all of them, it was my favorite birthday present.


How are you?

No really, how are you?

Are you feeling that same vaguely itchy uncomfortableness I am? Does it feel like you’re waiting for your real life to start? Do you feel like you wish life would hurry up and start already?

I guess I thought after I got married everything would fall into place.

Decisions would become less difficult.
Responsiblities would become less pressing.
Real life as I knew it would magically dissolve away.

Can you tell I used to watch a lot of television?

But life merely trudges on.

Sticky and crummy life, with bills to avoid and more bills to avoid.
With broken glasses, moldy cheese and trash cans hosting ant parties.
With tasks and to do lists and the same damn procrastination that got me in trouble before I got married.

I struggle still to find that feeling, that one where my brain is capable of anything,
that feeling that new ideas are ripe and plentiful,
that feeling that fills me with wide eyed enthusiasm,
it’s a lot harder to find.

But I know it’s there.
Or at least I think it is…