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2004 Recappiedoo

As I did last year, it’s time for the year-end recap.

Distraction and worry seemed to be themes this year.
It seemed there was so much to worry about.

I worried about the house we lived in, I worried about keeping my job, I worried about my best friend more than she’ll ever know, I worried about being a good wife, I worried about politics, I worried about James’ health, I worried about his family… well, you get the drift.

Our one year wedding anniversary rolled in and out with an epic case of food poisoning.

James’ dad died, spinning us into a whole new level of spousal support and grief and pain. It seemed endless.

This whole time, I was certain I’d be laid off as my job increasingly sucked and we made poor financial decisions.

The fact is, despite the new lines on my face, despite the new dull aches in my heart, this was one of the best years of my life.
(Plus, I think these lines are kind of sexy.)

I got the job designing web sites at a winery.

My job rules.
I get to not only design sites, I get to publish them. I get to use my coding skills as well as act as a project manager all the while I work with some of the best design groups from San Francisco.

It’s my dream job and, especially with the wine discount, only continues to get better.

James loves his work as well, he’s in a spot that appreciates his IT development skills, rather than shuffles him off to the support desk.

Our little unit has crossed the line from newlywed to family now. The thought of kids and dogs and yard and responsibility doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

(How lucky we are that we have love to spare.)

So resolvations* for 2005?

Visible triceps.
Meet Michael Chiarello.
Credit card debt begone!
Give 10%–of time, of cash, of effort–to those who need it more than me.

(How lucky I am that I can make such silly resolvations.)

My resolvation for last year was to “be less poor in 2004.”
Isn’t it funny the way Providence gives you your wish?

Surprised again, not in that we made more money, but in that our cost of living in wine country reduced from San Francisco living. Therefore, less poor.

Here’s to you and your friends and listening to Providence and many, many successful resolvations for 2005!

*Drunken, annoying pronounciamation of Resolution.

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