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2006 recap, 2007, resolution.

2006 was a year, eh? Are you glad it’s over? It just seemed to go so… fast.

I was in a play! Passed the CSW exam! Got a new job! A new television! Paid off my credit cards! Had three great bocce seasons! Became a better cook! Made some new friends.

Michael rolls

Sigh, I immediately charged the credit cards right back up! Spoke on a panel at SXSW! Took a trip to Wisconsin to visit my family. Went to BlogHer! Had a big, fat bocce birthday party!

Zee Leester

Sigh, we failed to celebrate halloween. My sister moved in with us! Watched too much Girls Next Door. Watched lots of Lost and Smallville and Arrested Development. I feel like I saw the fourth Harry Potter movie no less than thirty seven times. Flew to Portland for Thanksgiving. Reimagined all our long term plans. My parents came to visit for a wonderful week of early Christmas. We threw a huge holiday cocktail party! My sister moved to Australia!

Clarefee, or Santa?

I feel like I was a pretty shitty friend as well this year, not calling folks back, flaking at the last minute, generally selfish and uncaring. I didn’t send holiday cards (yet) and I didn’t yet thank you for that kind thing you did for me. I’ve been wrapped up in myself and wrapped up a little more in myself.

Gently aged barn

Feels like I suffered from that attitude flu for a good chunk of the year and its biggest symptom was selfishness. I can’t wait to leave that feeling behind and get out a little more in the community, get out to listen and befriend, get outside of my own head.

New Year organization

So for 2007, I resolve to send prompt thank you cards.
I resolve to take more photos, and update my website more regularly.
I resolve to try a new meal at least twice a month.
I resolve to take significant steps toward independent and self-sustaining income.
I resolve to be a better friend.

Eh, so far I’m at about 50% success rate on my resolutions over the past five years, that’s progress, right?

Two thousand six’s resolutions
Two thousand five
Two thousand four
Two thousand three
Two thousand two

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2 thoughts on “2006 recap, 2007, resolution.

  1. 1
    Heels says:

    Happy new year, HJ.

    Do what you must. There are some things in life that you work for that are all-consuming, blog or no. I think a bit of attitude flu gives a gal a decent teflon coating and sometimes, you really need that. The rest of the world ain’t going anywhere.

    I hope 2007 is your year.

  2. 2
    Anne says:

    Good for you, Helen Jane — those all seem like worthy goals that are achievable, not pie in the sky. (Pie: mmmmm. Now, about those 20 lbs I need to lose, stat …)

    Don’t be too hard on ya’self, girl. Happy ’07!