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Freeze Tag, TV Tag

Last week at bocce, James got in a game of tag with some neighborhood girls. When tagged, he immediately tagged the girl back, saying, “Tag back, no tagbacks.”

To which she replied by calling “TIME OUT” every time he got remotely close to her.

Maybe it’s my Wisconsin roots, but I don’t like complicating my game of tag with Time Outs and No Tag Backs. So when you throw your Party Like You’re Eight, please keep it simple, for me.

Freeze Tag Rules

You know your normal tag, where someone is it and when someone else is tagged, they become it.

Freeze tag is different from normal tag in that once a player is tagged, they don’t become it.

Instead, they are frozen and have to stand where they are while it goes on freezing the other players.

Whoever is the last to be tagged wins.

In freeze tag, there’s usually a way to free already frozen players to make it tag them again.

From Wikipedia:
For example, one player who is not it and not frozen may tag frozen players to release them, this mechanism allows a rule which dictates that if you are touched a certain number of times you are now it.

The most popular version of freeze tag has that a player who is frozen can become unfrozen if tagged by a player who is not it. A player tagged and frozen by it becomes the new it, and all the times they’ve been frozen goes to zero.

Or you could play so that each frozen player has a number of times that they can be frozen until they’re it, or you could play so that the first person to go 10 seconds without being unfrozen becomes it.

TV Tag Rules

The person can not be tagged if they touch the ground and yell out the name of a television show. If the player is successful, it has to chase someone else. If the people playing can’t think of the name of a show or say a show that someone already said, they can be tagged.

Happy tagging!

3 thoughts on “Freeze Tag, TV Tag

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    Tracy27 says:

    We used to play a version of TV tag called Cartoon Tag. Cocktail Tag would be good, too. Especially following a few of said cocktails.

    Time Outs are cheating. Hands-down.

  2. 2
    helenjane says:

    I believe “Cocktail Tag” is the most innovative thing I’ve heard all week.

  3. 3
    Melina says:

    The “time out!’er” needed to be tackled, IMHO, but I’m thinking that would’ve been a little too much playing with little ones, ha! There are no “time outs” in tag!

    Thanks for the Freeze Tag memories today, and Happy Fourth to you and yours.

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