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2007 Recap

With all of the sleeping and client work I’ve been doing, my resolution and my recap have been a little delayed.
(Plus, James is sick! Super sore throat! Sleeping all day! Orange Juice IV drip!)

But here we go. On the recap part. The resolution part will come tomorrow.

You’ve already heard about the whole pregnancy thing, but other items of note from 2007 include:

An amazing South by Southwest.
This year, I was able to share the trip to Austin with husband James. He had just as good a time as I did. SXSW blew my mind and opened a whole new future for my company. I learned so much about the future of the online space.

We went to Quebec for a week!
We took a great trip to Canada for gorgeous Jorge and Julie’s wedding. I finally got to see Niagara Falls and it was awesome.

Atop the falls

With a new direction from my talented friend Natalie, our little Cheesewhizzes group has taken on a new life. Burgundy, Champagne, Piedmont — new places, new cheeses and new dishes have grown our little group from 10 to 40. We’ve taken it on the road and taken it home.

Cheesewhizzes rocks.

This week’s Cheesewhizzes is our fanciest yet. We’ve even hired transportation!

Cheesewhizzes logo

A summer Midwest tour
I was able to take a summertime trip home whereupon I visited my family, went to BlogHer, crashed my 10 year college reunion and made it to my gorgeous friend Alyca’s wedding reception on the lake. I love going back to Wisconsin in the summer and this trip was no exception.

All the Yeagers

I quit my job and started my own company!
Probably, the biggest, most exciting part of 2007 finds me pushed out of a job that was a terrible fit for me.
And thank God for that.

Maplevine has been a joy and a joy and a joy.
I absolutely adore my clients,
I love the work that I get to do and
my blood pressure has been normal for the first time in ages.

Bocce, bocce, bocce
This year James and I got even more involved with our bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce. Between our team track jackets and food themes, everything got better. Our playing got better and our team is even more tight. Go Joanie!

Yes, there was heartache this year. Yes, I spent a good deal of it crying.
But I’m tougher, I’m more sympathetic and eagerly anticipating all the changes to come.

After all of that, am I sure I want to write some resolutions?
(Of course.)

4 thoughts on “2007 Recap

  1. 1
    jenB says:

    HOW IS ME touching your ass at BlogHer not in this list??

  2. 2

    You are a true inspiration. 🙂
    I made your recipe for whitish chili last night, subbing shredded chicken for turkey, canned beans for dried, and simmering it stovetop (since I don;t own a crackpot). And ya know what? My husband and I ate the entire pot.
    Thanks for dinner!

  3. 3
    ByJane says:

    For those of us not in the know, what is Cheesewhizzes?

  4. 4
    helenjane says:

    Cheesewhizzes is a cheese tasting group started by my friend Kevin and me two years ago. Since then, my pal Natalie has taken over running it, and it has grown to marvelous proportions.

    Roughly every other month, we choose a theme and guests are to bring a cheese that fits with that theme. They also bring a beverage that pairs with the cheese.

    This weekend’s theme is “Cheesewhizzes Sparkles.” Guests are bringing a bottle of sparkling wine (Cava, Prosecco, Champagne, etc) and a cheese from the same region of the wine.

    And although I can’t eat half the cheeses or drink the wine, I’m just as excited as anyone to see how it turns out!

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