Grace in small things 27

1. Husbands with big patience presence.
2. Pedialyte.
3. One last can of chicken soup in the pantry.
4. The Dark Knight, on repeat
5. Strawberry Jello

Grace in small things 26

1. OMG Deb’s Car Bomb Cupcakes are the amazingest dessert ever.
2. Celebrating over macaroni and cheese.
3. Crawling babies.
4. Unibrows. They’re endlessly hilarious.
5. Sewing baby dresses out of James’ shirts.

Grace in Small Things 25

1. Seeing the Matrix in the local theater on a date with my husband
2. Watered plants
3. Leftovers for lunch so I don’t have to make James a sandwich
4. Freezer Minestrone soup
5. Butters Leopold Stotch

Grace in Small Things 24

1. Ak Mak crackers
2. Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier
3. Playing on the floor on the Pirate quilt
4. Sleeping bag slippers
5. Leftover KFC mashed potatoes and gravy

Grace in Small Things 23

1. The South Park Goth kids
2. A babysitter with her SAG card
3. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Comics tournaments
4. Saying out loud, “If it’s not Maplevine or Nora Lea, I can’t do it.”
5. Meatballs and cheesy toasts