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Resolvations 2009

I love this time of year. Like Spring, a fresh school year and my birthday, there’s that feeling of new beginnings.

There’s the feeling that your life can change toward perfection
if only you change it.

Last year was a biggie.
Without drugs, I gave birth to a baby.

A totally chill baby.

I mean I worked too. I launched roughly 20 new web sites.
I completed a series of posters.
I paid off my credit cards.
I suffered a miserable sleep-deprived breakdown.

We threw many, many parties.
We brought our bocce team to the playoffs.
We also mastered breastfeeding, sleep scheduling and making falafel.

During our fifth (FIFTH) year of marriage, James and I grew even closer.
Upon my sister’s moving back from Australia, she and I became even closer.
My mom and I couldn’t be any closer without it being a little strange.
I met new friends in town and new cool clients.

I’m hoping to do a few things during 2009:
Make new friends.
Make more time for existing friends.

Yeah, that’s about it.

I have so many projects ahead of me, so much opportunity, I get a little overwhelmed.

Two thousand nine is going to be great, I can feel it.

4 thoughts on “Resolvations 2009

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    Anne says:

    Hear hear! I like your attitude, Helen Jane.

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    love this post! Happy new year, guys!

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