15 thoughts on “A Marm, a Meme, Play Along

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    dorrie says:

    De-lurking for your offer. Sadly, I have no web blog of my own, am just a devoted reader to many. For what it’s worth, I love keeping up with your baby and busy life, and especially am enjoying the grace in every day blurbs–inspiring.

    Be well, have a great day.

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    Jennifer says:

    Unfortunately another blogless lurker here. Everyday reader but no chops to write myself. You’re a doll and so is that little one of yours! Just thought I would say Hi! With the hopes that a little HJ might come my way!

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    kk says:

    Did I win?

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    emily says:

    I have no blog, but just wanted to say that this is a great idea. I hope you generate some real ‘paying it forward’ and in fact you have inspired me to do five generous things today. Thanks 🙂

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    patricia says:

    oh boo. i put the blog on break because i’m trying to figure out what the heck to do with it. just figures. :*(

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    Jennifer says:

    I have a blog but it was election related so haven’t updated it since the election. I do have a very active Facebook page where I could replicate the offer, if that works.
    Otherwise, another delurker saying hello.

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    mena says:

    Okay, I actually have a blog! At least my son does (and I am the upkeeper for it). I have enjoyed reading your blog for years, and am giggling along with your baby stories because my son was born a little over a month before your daughter. Thanks for the entertainment!

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    Brita Mess says:

    I have a blog, it’s my own and I’ve updated it with this meme. How cool.
    What should I make…too bad I can’t make cheese. That would be the best giveaway.

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    Helen Jane says:

    Mena and Brita, you get the goods!

    Still holding out to see if more folks will play along per the rules…

    Thanks for your patience!

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    Adelina says:

    I’m down! I’d love to get involved with this. I have to admit that I did just start reading your blog because I have a little one of my own and mommy stuff is my new thing.

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    Catherine says:

    I’m in, if mix CDs and wonky crochet count!

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    carrster says:

    I just posted this to my blog because – hey! It sounds like fun. Even if there are no goods to be had here, why not? I need something to jump start my creative craftiness this winter.

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    Helen Jane says:

    I’ll be following up with the lucky kitties this week! Hooray for handmade stuff!

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