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Party April. Photo tagging party.

So I’m doing my own posting every day in April thing around a parties.
Every day, a new party idea and some hits for execution.
Some I’ve thrown, some I want to throw and some I just think you should throw.

throw a photo tagging party

But a photo tagging party?
Sounds awful, right?
Why not share the load?

But I’m pretty sure no one but Kottke has all his photos properly tagged and titled. And you’ve probably been meaning to get to that, but it’s just that you have hair to wash and Moms to call. And this doesn’t only have to be online photo organization, but offline photo organization can work too. Bring your photo albums and loose pictures from that college vacation.

The Breakdown

Invitation: Via email, Facebook or Evite. No need for fancy paper invites and stamps. Let the invitees know they’ll either need to bring a computer or those pesky unfilled, untitled photo albums.

Time of week: This could be a good weeknight party. You wouldn’t want this to last more than two or three hours as tedium or drunkenness could wreck your plan.

Preparation: Make sure you have oodles of outlets for the laptops.

Food and drink: One handed food. Panini, appetizers and dips, soup in cups. Keep the food part away from the computer/photo album part. Since this is a weeknight party, offer a fun non-alcoholic beverage that could be punched up (so to speak) with a liquor.

Helen Jane’s Photo Tagging Punch
1 quart lemon sherbert.
1 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.
2 cups of pineapple juice.
1 quart cranberry juice cocktail.

Scoop the lemon sherbert into the punch bowl by spoonfuls, add the ginger ale, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. Put out bottles of vodka, Limoncello or Tequilla in case your guests would like to doctor their own punches.

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    willo says:

    OMG I so need to have one of these! I’ve fallen SO behind on my tagging, after being fanatical/religious about it! Now it’s just so behind I’ve practically given up. But I could still do it! Especially if it means having a party to help me get there. :p Thanks for giving me hope, sista. xo

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