14 August, 2009  |   4 Comments

Kenny Rogers Taco Dip

As you’re already aware, our bocce team, Joanie Loves Bocce, and I come up with food themes for bocce every week.

This past week, the theme was Kenny Rogers. Participants were welcome to find any food that represented Kenny. Roasted Chicken, any gambling-related food, anything to do with Dolly Parton, we were open.

Tony made Kenny’s Fire and Ice chili (with pineapple), and dang, it was tasty.

Here’s what I brought:
Kenny Rogers Taco Dip

That’s taco dip in the shape of Kenny Rogers.

4 thoughts on “Kenny Rogers Taco Dip

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    Oh my god, you are twisted. 😉

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    elaine says:

    this makes me want to move to napa and take up bocce in the hopes that i could join your team and revel in the awesomeness of the snacks.

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    allaner says:


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Hooray for replies!