21 August, 2009  |   2 Comments

Friends in Cheesus

Cheesewhizzes event tomorrow, “Beer and the Cheese that Loves it.”

For all these alcohol-related events going on around here, I’m maintaining well. I usually go home early, I’m tired and there’s a wiggly toddler on my hip.

It’s just usually that my belly gets heavy and my feet get tired and lo, I’m already six months pregnant? Like, how did that happen?

Seriously, you readers have to be with me on this.
Didn’t I go from announcing my pregnancy to the third trimester rather, well, speedily?

I understand there’s lots going on and we’re busy, but it sort of feels like I gained 15 pounds in my belly in two weeks.

Troemners Balance
Yeah, I’m finding balance too, just like Troemner.

I’ve dropped daily Graces, you’ve probably noticed.

Realized they’d outlived their utility for me. Daily, I caused myself more stress writing them than the solace provided.

But if I had to come up with some today, they’d look like this:

1. Farmer’s market Caramel Pear Butter from the students at the Culinary Institute.

2. New computer setting up. I’m at inbox zero! Ha ha ha. Ha.

3. PSD to HTML companies saving me weeks of work.

4. Cheesewhizzes event tomorrow, Cheesewhizzes excitement in the months ahead. You too can throw a Cheesewhizzes party! It’s a brokey party too! If you’re brokey, Cheesewhizzes is just the thing for you!

5. My craving for anchovy sandwiches. As typical as it could be for a pregnant lady, at eight am each morning, I toast bread, melt some extraordinarily sharp white cheddar on said bread and lay out 8 anchovies on top of the cheese. I have to eat these in private, away from the dog and baby’s judging eyes, but ohmytheyaresogoodwiththeirsaltyfishiness. Anchovy sandwiches.

So things are good around here, is what I’m trying to say.
Busy, but good.

2 thoughts on “Friends in Cheesus

  1. 1
    Kimberley says:

    omg, helenjane. anchovy sandwiches. i don’t even know what to say.

  2. 2
    Anne says:

    That baby must like its SALT! LOL @ anchovy and cheddar sandwiches.

    Also: Inbox zero …. I am green with envy.

    Carry on with your lovely preggo-ness.

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