10 October, 2009  |   Comment


WiggleoctopusBaby, I have been awful about my energy with this pregnancy.
I’ve been anxious, nervous and tense.
I’ve worried about money, the way I am raising your sister and whether the dog is mad at me.
I’ve been a mess about everyone else.
I’ve been someone else.

And I apologize.
Now that I’ve had a second to clear my head, take a minute to look back at the pregnancy so far, I see that it’s time to start focusing on what matters.

Your arrival.
Your time here.

After that?
It’s time to spend my time on my projects.
Instead of rushing to put out their perceived fires, it’s time I focus on mine.
On ours.

People will consume your energy if you let them, and I’m ready to douse that fire.
I don’t have the energy.

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