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Second place!  Second place!Baby, tonight I return, weary and exhausted from organizing the Third Annual Thursday night bocce Chili Cookoff. I made signs, awards, set up the voting and shouted out instructions. I am more than eight months pregnant with you. I waddled around to stop Nora Lea from running to strange dogs. I answered urgent client emails. I just did it.

When I think something could be fun, I go ahead and do it. I don’t always account for time or cost, but I make it happen.

I hope you do the same.
Because showing someone a good time is the ultimate honor.
It’s a privilege to help someone have more fun.

4 thoughts on “Entertaining

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    I love this: “Because showing someone a good time is the ultimate honor. It

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    Mocha says:

    “Make it happen.” Right on, girl. No one else is gonna do that for you.

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    Anne says:

    Good pep talk, and I love the sentiment.

    Alternatively, when things are overwhelming in life, sometimes you need to let yourself say, “I simply cannot do this right now.” Everyone will understand and life will go on. Sometimes with multiple kids (not to mention teenagers someday) you may need to take care of No. 1… and take a nap instead! xxoo

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    Leah says:

    That pretty much sums you up. You’re a great role model for the rest of us as well as for your kids.

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