6 November, 2009  |   1 Comment

Cheesy, cheese, McCheeserson

As my mom reminded me the other day, I have been in a high production mode lately.
I have produced and produced and produced these past few months.
Many of these projects are finally bubbling up to the top.

I am thrilled to share!

One of these productions is a new and improved Cheesewhizzes web site.

Natalie and I have worked our magic to bring you the best in cheese club news.
Even better, we’ve put in the ability for you to start your own Cheesewhizzes club, in your own city, if you so like.
We’ll be sharing all kinds of that information in the next few weeks.

I’ve noticed that every time things get interesting up in my life, helenjane.com goes quiet.
Here’s to some action, eh?

One thought on “Cheesy, cheese, McCheeserson

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    Leah says:

    Looks great in Firefox, but not so much in IE 7. Just so you know!

Hooray for replies!