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Posting continues to be light as we adjust to being a family of four people and one Pinot.

Toddler-safe treeI guess every family has a year like this, where the ornaments start four feet up the tree. We’ll probably have a few.

My parents and sister were kind to decorate the tree with non-breakable ornaments while I was in the throes of labor.

Life with two under two being what it is, I don’t think I noticed they’d done all that work until I’d been home for five days. Slowly, we’ve had to remove ornaments until we’re up to the high water mark we’re at today. The toddler just gets so intensely focused on one, and can’t help herself until it’s in her hands for complete destructr–er– exploration.

Dottie's still sleeping

We also were struck down with a virus this weekend, causing the newborn to have a runny nose. That’s a sad sound there, the congested 12 day old infant. Oh, to be thrust into this world from that comfortable uterus, I sympathize.

Spaghetti for lunch

One of the fun things to do with that lasagna meat sauce from last week is to add a little water and use it for a meaty pasta sauce. That’s exactly what we had for lunch on Sunday.

Sunday art

Holly Burns was kind enough to invite me to her Wii Party last week (AND she said I was almost criminally good looking. Can I put that in my About page?).

The Wine Sisterhood sent along a few wines that were fun to share and I got out of the house.
I’ve been on what feels like house arrest the last few months and it was so nice to see some friends.

That’s an understatement.
I HAD to see friends or I would have gone more mad.
If I hadn’t seen those ladies, I may have imploded.
Jordan and Evany and Mai and Leah and my gal Maggeh and new friends and all of it is thanks to a video gaming system that’s improving my marriage.

(Seriously, bowling dates with my husband instead of zoning out over old episodes of Lost?

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    Shannon says:

    That tree resembles our tree and yes, my toddler gets fixated on one ornament and throws a tantrum if he doesn’t get it!

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