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Schedule of Events

Hoo lady.
James and I are eventing back at our old pace and well, hoo.
It’s been a lovely few weeks.

We go one at a time, either him or me.
We save sitter money for very important events.

KBallsIt’s the rainy season now, and that makes me want to entertain even more.

Last Saturday, KBalls celebrated his birthday with a 1980’s game of Trivial Pursuit. (Not the 1980’s edition, the actual game from thirty years ago.)

Boccaranes and wine divine.
The perfect Pandora playlist.
I need to make better playlists.

Eat ladies, eat.Thursday was time for our monthly Gourmand Girls cookbook club.
Theme: Spain.
Fun: Yes.

We do this during the bocce off-season, choose a theme or a book and meet once a month.

As always, Natalie’s house, gorgeous.
Food, intricate.
Paella, inspired.

The Oatmeal ThiefThis weekend we welcome James’ crazy awesome birthday party.

He’s turning 35.
He’s combined forces with friends who are turning 30 and 40.

Langhorne Slim is playing at the party.
We’re serving Deb’s controversially named cupcakes.

Oh, to be friends with such skilled hosts.

Each friend took one aspect of the party (booze, food and music). Each host is outdoing the other.

We’d been out of the event circuit for several months.
It’s nicer to be back in the swing of things.

Where do you go for playlists?

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