15 February, 2010  |   5 Comments

Valentine's Breakfast of Love

BalloonsThe traditions I’m most excited to carry on from Mom are her breakfast celebrations.

Growing up, my mom decorated the table for four major non-holidays. We awoke to decorations and little wrapped gifts every Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day, Three Kings Day and Halloween.

So now that I have my own girls, well, I see where this is going.

Last night in the low-memory hours before I collapsed into bed, I set the table.

5 thoughts on “Valentine's Breakfast of Love

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    Mrs. Kinne says:

    I love this tradition!

    I want to steal this idea for my future Mini Kinne’s.

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    “Blessed is my fruit” – writing like *that* is why I keep reading your lovely, inspiring blog.

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    Alyce says:

    This sounds like a lovely tradition. V-day wasn’t ever really a big thing in our house. In fact, I can’t recall ever noticing it. Divorced parents maybe?

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    Maggie May says:

    MMMM Mimosas!!! I love heart shaped pancakes- who doesn’t? My 3 kids will eat pancakes anytime.

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