4 thoughts on “Meet the Dottie Party

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    Leah says:

    Such a great party. Such a great time. Always such an inspiration to see you pull things off.

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    Stump says:

    Are you Jewish? That would explain the superstition. I’m Jewish and that’s how we do. It’s weird that cake would use SB chocolate as a selling point (is everything named intricately in Northern CA? Loma Linda goat cheese from our favorite goat, Nancy McBaaahh, etc…). SB sold out to Hershey’s and the quality has plummeted.

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    Helen Jane says:

    Nope, we’re not Jewish — but that’s interesting.

    And yes, especially up here in wine country the names can get sort of ridiculous.

    However, now that you mention it, goat Nancy McBaaahh’s cheese sounds mighty tasty…

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    jenB says:

    It is a rare thing here in Canada (at least where I live), to have a shower BEFORE baby. Less common even to find out the baby’s sex before birth than in the US. Perhaps it is our British leftovers? In fact, I probably wouldn’t even go to a shower before baby. Silly superstitious me.

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