5 thoughts on “But celebrating St. Patrick’s day…

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    Malcolm says:

    craic augus ceul

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    Stump says:

    Hello. Why do you
    blog. Like this?
    It makes my little family, happy.

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    Stump says:

    We are having a party. I empty onion soup mix into sour cream and open a bag of Lays (rippled are more fun!). I fill our veggie drawer w. tallboys of PBR and eargerly await my friends, who will hopefully bring more. I prepare jello shots, carefully mixing the jello and the Georgi vodka with love. I make sure to use the riddle Dixie Cups for these. They are funny and great conversation starters. Now we decorate. I remove the plastic from a roll of Bounty to mop up the invevitable spills. I lay out rows of Solo cups, alternating the red and blue. I think it looks more inviting this way, don’t you?

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    Helen Jane says:

    Stump, that sounds like a bad ass party.
    But somehow I don’t think you’d invite me.

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