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Got it going on.

The Burning Bush

Burning Bush

(from the Cheese Cookbook scanned above.)

Dried Beef
Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese
Grapefruit, or large red apples

Chop the dried beef very fine. Divide each 3-ounce package of Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese into twelve pieces, then roll each one into a ball, on butter paddles. Toss each ball in the chopped beef until entirely coated. Put a toothpick through each ball, and stick onto the grapefruit, or large apples.

Old-fashioned is the blossom from which this appetizer takes its name, but modern and distinctive is its flavor. Perfect with chilled tomato juice before dinner.

A delicious and unusual combination of flavors.

We’re almost moved in.
Boxes have been moved to the garage,
a couch has been put back together,
internet is informationally superhighway.

Bocce starts next month,
Cheesewhizzes will be hosting again,
meetings and new projects abound.

It just feels like there’s a lot of work being done right now.
Are you working as hard as we are?
Or twice as hard?

2 thoughts on “Got it going on.

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    cadiz12 says:

    imagine all the “quick-and-easy” recipes that wouldn’t exist if there were no cream cheese. the no-bake cheesecake industry couldn’t be what it is today.

    i WISH we were working as hard as you are. moving sucks! i hope the rest of it goes smoothly.

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    live lobster says:

    Nice post! Keep us the good work!

Hooray for replies!