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St. Helena Lobster Feed

Whoa. That was a party.


Let me back up.

I’ve been really stressed lately, not having fun, looking all pinchy.
Who can have fun when there’s so much to unpack?
Who can have fun when babies need tending?

So when our dear friend offered us tickets to St. Helena’s top fun social engagement of the year — the annual firefighter’s fundraiser and Lobster Feed — we took him up on it.

Big crazy pots

It’s amazing, these giant pots filled with artichokes, potatoes, corn, sausage, shrimp and lobster. At each place, there’s a wine glass, an apron and a kicky little lobster hat.

There’s a band, there’s dancing and gambling, there’s this electricity in the air as spring is noticed and the party gets underway. In fact, the vibe of the room was the most fun part of the party.

Eager, eager electric.


Then, in a grand procession, they dump the pots out on the table.

Music to my eyesnosemouthface

It’s insane, really, the bounty.
It’s glorious.
And it’s really fun.


After all the eating and eating, they have a sexy auction to raise funds.

ObjectificationeraryIt was a very sexy auction indeed.

In short, Mama’s first night out after all of this babytending was marvelous.
We’re indebted to our ticket procurer.
We met lots of neighbors.
We had lots of fun.

5 thoughts on “St. Helena Lobster Feed

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    Heather B. says:

    I love your little town.

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    Anne says:

    How much did those firemen go for? ha ha I have fond memories of purchasing our city’s barechested firemen calendar (a fundraiser for some worthy organization) — one for me, two for gay friends — and walking around the local supermarket, where all the featured fire-hunks were sitting at card tables, autographing their months’ pages…. inscribed personally. It was my 50th birthday present to myself, and those men made my day: “No way you’re 50!” and writing their phone numbers on my calendar. Almost as good as a day spa for lifting my spirits. 😀

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