3 May, 2010  |   Comment

Bocce bocce everywhere

This week, bocce season starts up, kicking off 20 weeks of Themed Potlucks, neighborly competition and really, really good wine.

My Bazillion Star General

The town Chamber of Commerce hosts a fundraiser bocce tournament before regular season play begins and James and I were lucky to play. They have breakfast burritos, Bloody Marys, sparkling wine and snacks throughout the day delivered by the foxiest ladies Napa Valley has to offer.

What I love about the event is that it’s competitive without being uncomfortable.
It’s fun without being cheesy.
Also, bocce!

We beat the Rianda House

What do I look forward to most this season?

I love that different aged people can all excel at bocce. We could play competitors 12 to 100 years old and all have an equal chance of being an amazing player.
I love getting together with some of my best friends in a focused activity once a week.
I love the food and the wine.

Afterwards, James and I had an impromptu gathering, our first real party at the house since we’ve moved in. We grilled sausage, we caught up with what folks had been doing since Dottie was born.

Don’t tell anyone, but for one brief second, we relaxed.

Hooray for replies!