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A Shiny Bocce Evening

A Sand Crab BottleThe babysitter came and James and I left the house.
James and I kissed before we got in the car.
Since this season of bocce started, we went on a bocce date.

On this, the first night of bocce, the potluck theme was “Dogs.”
(We played the Hone Dogs, the team with the most wins in town.)

Caffo’s corn sausage dogs were amazing.
Cocktail weenies in all their glory, glorious.
The Dogs in a blanket?
Tasty as all get out.

Our friends, the “Sand Crabs,” made a macaroni and cheese with crab and crawfish that was well, a life-changer. I also tasted some Nickel & Nickel, so, there was that.

We may have lost all three games.
Okay, we did.
But hooray bocce!

I love these guys

Joanie jackets make you look even more foxy than you already are.
I can’t say that about the competition.

Hone Dogs

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    April Damron says:

    The jackets rock! The tanks, not so much.

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