1 June, 2010  |   Comment

Parents here.

My parents have been here all week. That was supposed to open up all kinds of web updating time, but alas, that time was filled with visiting and hugs. They’re leaving early today.

Hottest Dad Award

All the visiting and hugs meant James and I could partake in all kinds of fun.

Grandma's Sandwich

We went to the park for a picnic. It doesn’t usually occur to us to go to the park. But four extra hands make trips smoother.

Swinging with Grandma

We played on the swings,
we “whee’d” down the slide,
we ate Giugni subs in the sun.

I repotted plants and avoided the computer.
(All the visiting and hugs. you see.)

What can I tell you?

Even tucked in a brutal and swift Monday stomach flu (the same one my husband and sister had) because my parents were here. Mom could put a cool washcloth on my neck and her kiss made it better.

That doesn’t go away, just because I’m grown up.

I made strawberry Jello with strawberry Odwalla Vitamin C Monster juice and, well, that’s the recipe right there.
(You should try it some time.)

Hooray for replies!