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Party: Call me a cab at Conn Creek

When planning my birthday party, I admitted I’d always wanted to make one of those things you put your head through.
(The French call them passe-têtes, so from here on out, I’ll go with that.)

When friend Paul was looking for a fun thing for his New York themed party, he hired me to make a passe-tête.
The timing worked.

Mom’s husband is terribly crafty, and they were visiting last week.
After a night of collaborating on the stand’s design, Brad built us a frame and removable hinged insert.
After a day of collaborating with Paul, I started painting.

Halfway done!

We were on a tight timeline, what with the children, full-time internet work, stomach flu and general householding.
After a few late nights and days without showers, I sent it off to the party.

Kind Paul invited James and I to attend, and I was delighted by the details.
(My friends are creative folk indeed.)

The name of the party?
“Call me a cab”
Since this is wine auction weekend, Paul was referring to the auction barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon that Conn Creek had submitted.
It was a New York themed party.
It was awesome.

Custom Cab Cookie

NY Snacks
Lamb sliders, mini corn dogs and mini pretzels.

Hello, Napa-styled New York in tiny eco-friendly containers.
I liked the way the mustard was in the bottom of the pretzel container, removing the need for mustard booger-encrusted bottles or finicky packets.

NY Snacks, Falafel and Paella
Falafel and paella and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
The foods were easy to eat with one hand, easy to eat while meeting new friends.
(Plus, I love the sneaky vegetarian options — so good you don’t even notice.)

Made to order
Made to order ice cream sandwiches — with a Maple Bacon Pecan cookie that was fascinating indeed.
Fascinating because I’m not sure bacon belongs in a cookie.
(There, I said it.)

Themed napkins
Manhattan napkins! Black and white checkered cloths over yellow table cloths!
All completely replicatable.
All lovely.

And my painted cab. The cab I would have loved another week to complete, the cab I stayed up late for was a hit.
I made this!

We set up a regular digital camera on a tripod and let the guests take their own photos. Most people wander around with a digital camera these days, so they could take their own photos or wait for the winery to do it. If I did it again, I’d order Moo cards with the Flickr address where guests could go see their photos (what with the wine drinking – grin).

Paul is such a thoughtful entertainer, we were so happy to be a part of the winery’s evening.

Now what passe-têtes should I paint next?

8 thoughts on “Party: Call me a cab at Conn Creek

  1. 1
    Krissa says:

    You’ve outdone yourself, HJ, this is so great. Paul, well done on a party New York is proud to have engendered!

  2. 2
    jenB says:

    I just DIED from the fantastic-ness of that cab. You are amazing.

  3. 3
    [colleen] says:


    Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! This is brilliant!

  4. 4
    Charlie says:

    Yea for Brad!

  5. 5
    Jessica P says:

    Super awesome HJ!

  6. 6
    Helen Jane says:

    Aw shucks, you guys, thanks! I like trying new things. It doesn’t hurt that Brad built something super awesome to paint on.

  7. 7
    Kristen says:

    How freaking fabulous is that! All of it! I’m equal parts jealous and inspired, which is pretty much the highest compliment I can pay.

    I’m throwing a small party next weekend, and now I’m all a-flutter with ideas. Thank you!

  8. 8
    Helen Jane says:

    Kristen, thanks!

    Let me know if you need any ideas, my favorite thing lately has been giving party advice. Good luck!

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