7 June, 2010  |   Comment

Themed Potluck: Pucker Up

Hone DogsWe’re playing the team Abbey Lane this Thursday at our weekly bocce game.
They’ve beat us before. ¬†They’re sneaky like that.
We’re gearing up, but can only prepare so much.

(Thankfully, game play is James’ expertise.)

Bocce food themes are my expertise.
This week’s bocce theme?

“Pucker up.”

Use lemons or limes,
use Hershey’s kisses,
use Sour Apple Pucker*,
use Alum powder.

It’s refreshing, bright and most important, affectionate.
I can’t wait to hear what you’d bring.

Pucker up!


*Did you see the recipe called “Ass on Flames?” ¬†Pucker up indeed.

Hooray for replies!