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Eagles nesting

My friend Jen has a classy little home up there on the mountain.
Filled with modern furniture, family artwork and a giant range, it’s just a lot like Jen, stylish and forthright.

I don’t go to other people’s parties nearly enough.

Eagle's Nest

My favorite part of Jen’s party is that it happened all around her.
Friends setting dishes on the table, meat grilled, beans piled high.
Everyone’s wine had a story, everyone’s story had a wine.

Black beans and steak

The vibe was relaxed, happy, due to only one thing.
Jen wasn’t rushing around, she was present at her party, she was a part of it.
I always seem to prepare right until the end, sweatily pulling dishes out to plop down in front of hungry guests.


An evening where the guacamole, the crispy tortillas, Elena’s delicious rice dish, the meat and the beans assembled all on the table.
Even the mosquitoes seemed right.

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