21 June, 2010  |   3 Comments

Party: Dan's 32nd

So Dan threw a little party for his birthday this year.
Bring a dish, bring something to drink, toast to another year of good fortune.

Happy Birthday Foxy

Gen made Smitten Kitchen’s Layered Lemon Love for the birthday cake and it tasted even better than you think it would.

Gen and Dan

You can imagine what happened to the ping pong table after nine pm, beer pong for grown-ups.

Ping Pong Ben

Heh. Grown-ups.

Tasty potluck treats included a pesto orzo salad, roasted fingerling potatoes, a big white bean bake, grilled lamb, sausages and a big old steak.

Plate of Lap

Good news from pregnant friends, new internet friends, stories of neighbors and wine.
Babies, Sharon Jones, recreations of YouTube videos.

Happy birthday Dan, you know how to do it right.

3 thoughts on “Party: Dan's 32nd

  1. 1
    Genevieve says:

    You’re an absolute gem! Too bad the frosting didn’t survive the voyage from The City…could have made Deb proud.

  2. 2
    Sandy says:

    Love your blog! Are you here at EVO? I’d love to meet ya! 🙂

  3. 3
    Helen Jane says:

    Yes! Sandy, I’m at EVO – will keep my eyes peeled.

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