28 June, 2010  |   2 Comments

Vote! If you like surprises and parties.

If you like surprise parties and surprises and parties, I’d love your vote for my show.

Surprise Party!

And of course, if you don’t like surprises and parties, don’t vote for my show.
But I sort of think you do like them.
And I sort of think we could do this together.

Let’s celebrate!

2 thoughts on “Vote! If you like surprises and parties.

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    Holly says:

    All I ever wanted when I was a kid was a surprise party and finally when I was 8 my parents threw me one — and instead of enjoying it I spent the whole night hiding in the laundry room upset because I was embarrassed at being surprised. No surprise parties since, so I have no empirical evidence that I would not react that way again, but I like to think my 32 year old self is cooler than my 8 year old self. (And seriously, surprise parties? SO fun!!) But who knows? 🙂

    (I voted for your show anyway, haha! Good luck.)

  2. 2
    Helen Jane says:

    I love your story, Holly. Totally an eight year old’s response.

    Thanks for the vote!

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