29 June, 2010  |   4 Comments

Party: Wine, Women and Shoes, Napa Valley

Helen Jane and Steve Brady

Aw, we’ll just start with the headliner, me and Steve Brady.
(My favorite David Eigenberg roll was when he was Carl Morrissey on The 4400 [just me?].)

It all started with a ticket to Wine, Women and Shoes, Napa Valley. April did a bang up job as the event’s social media chair, selling the event out and raising oodles of money for Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo.

Wine Women and Shoes, more shopping

There were mimes,
there were men carrying trays with shoes and wine,
there were racks of purses.

Wine Women and Shoes, the ladies

And around the swirly, steamy, glowing participants were wineries, cupcakeries and all manner of elegant eats.
La Toque! Annie the Baker! Azur Wines! Crocker+Starr! Amelia Claire!
All the fancies, plus a silent auction.

Wine Women and Shoes, wine

And Steve Brady as the celebrity host.
Brave man, what with all those ladies.
We had fun and they done good.

No go host a Wine, Women & Shoes event for your cause.
Fancy pants.

4 thoughts on “Party: Wine, Women and Shoes, Napa Valley

  1. 1
    Lu says:

    Wonderful meeting you at EVO. Tell your sister you were working your outfits like nobody’s business!

  2. 2
    ESully says:

    I want to see the blooper photos again. Heh.

  3. 3
    Helen Jane says:

    @Lu, I did! She’s thrilled!

    And @ESully, they’re on the way.

  4. 4
    April Damron says:

    I’m so glad you had a great time at the event! Thanks for your support.

Hooray for replies!