27 July, 2010  |   1 Comment

Raise your glass!

That Maggie, always with the cleverness.

I’ll be in New York for that big lady internet writing conference next week, leaving James to tread on his own with two little children. (Not so excited about that last part, but we’ll all grow and change and learn and cry and call and get no sleep.)

If you’re in town, do you mind dropping by and bringing him a casserole? Thanks!

Saturday night, August 7 at 6 pm, I’m joining in on the sponsor-free old-school pay-for-yourself tomfoolery at the The Volstead on 125 East 54th St.

It’s fun to do things for fun.
Fun, funnity fun fun fun.

One thought on “Raise your glass!

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    Krissa says:

    Lady! I will be there! Like I’d pass up the chance to finally meet in person.

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