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Because she would want it that way. on TwitpicWhile I thought I could sneak in another Prohibition party post, I discover instead, the Wine Sisterhood and I are in New York at BlogHer, the big lady blogger’s conference.

There are cocktails and snacks and nametags and some really rad people.
I’ve loved meeting new people.
I want to meet more.

There are companies that are paying for things and they’re doing it quite beautifully.

Federated Media knows how to do small and lovely.
(The Luxurious camera bags! Instant cameras! Dagoba chocolate! Mumm sparkling wine!)

AOL had loads of fun.
(Marcus Samuelsson! Fried Chicken! Kristy and @Ish!)

Those SocialLuxe girls know how to make a lady feel a lot better about herself.
(Aveda! Yummy Tummie! OPI! Skullcandy!)

It might just be the busy of New York.
My mouth is open.
I look around, dumbfounded.

Can you believe that this is what our weird little internet hobby turned into?
All this attention?
Fun and profit.

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    Cassie Boorn says:

    I loved meeting you too.

    You are ah-maze-ing my friend!

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