31 August, 2010  |   1 Comment

Party: Harvest Stomp at Hudson Vineyards

We have a friend who invites us to the coolest events.
He gets tickets to these locals-only kinds of things,
the coolest winery-owner kinds of things.

Last weekend, we got a chance to attend the Harvest Stomp.


It’s a fundraiser for the Napa Valley Growers Association.
They grow the grapes here in Napa Valley.
(It’s easy to forget that wine is an agricultural product sometimes.)

Hog Island was there, shucking oysters.
You could walk right up and eat as many barbecued or raw oysters as you wanted.
(Since it was about 42

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    That table decor has me swooning a little. How brilliant is it to use chalk on a brick?

    I wish my brain worked like that.

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