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Bloggers I love to love

Since axing my blogroll and writing all these articles, I realized I’ve been behind in sharing what I love most about the web.
Other people.

Beauty foodies

Wednesdays are for sharing the links.
This is the EVO edition.
(Ladies I met or reconnected with at that conference.)

1. Greeblemonkey
Aimee is smart, emotionally together and open. Usually, you get two of the three. With her, you get all of them. A visual genius, photographic wizard and all around Good Lady, she’s one to keep your eyes on.

2. Make and Takes
This site makes me happy to just look at it. It’s open and colorful and cheerful, just like Maria. Go learn something fun!

3. Lucrecer B at Art-Slam
Pretty inspirational. Pretty, inspirational. That’s Lucrecer.
How much more can you love that her banner says “She is known as herself?”
(Not much more.)

She helps with the beans

And to point this camera back to me, I’d like to show you an article I just finished for Holidash.
Throw a Backyard Harvest Party, yo.
And see those veggies shine!

8 thoughts on “Bloggers I love to love

  1. 1
    Kristen says:

    So glad to see you at Holidash! I totally can’t wait to see more of you over there. Now, I just wish we had a real office so we could all test out the recipes and cocktails and … well, mostly the cocktails.

  2. 2
    Marie says:

    I’m so honored that you’d list me! It’s been so fun to meet you. I love this blogging world. And thanks for your kind comments about Make and Takes!!

  3. 3

    Sniff sniff. You made me cry. So… HA!!! *NOT* so emotionally together.

    Love you darlin.

    Can we have our usual date in Austin? I have decided to go.

  4. 4

    OH. I’m in AWESOME company. Marie and Lucrecer kick booty.

  5. 5
    Mrs. Flinger says:

    I was *just* thinking about this as I’ve lost touch with bloggers I Love to read. I miss my blogroll. Must find some balance between out of date blogroll and forgetting to read amazing people.

    Oh, and adding you to it. BOOYAH.

  6. 6

    Great list – love Aimee for the same reasons!

  7. 7
    lu says:

    I am just now getting around to touching base with the amazing people I met at Evo. YOU were definitely one of my favorites and you inspired me in more ways than you can imagine. I thank you for that, your sister’s awesome clothing selections and your constant smile and welcoming nature. We must keep in touch. If ever I am in California again and around your way, I hope to see you again.

  8. 8

    […] Helen Jane’s bloggers she loves to love. […]

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