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How to Saber a Bottle of Wine

It’s confusing to me, that it’s not common knowledge that people want to help each other reach their goals. Reality shows, and heck, American culture, often promote the individual’s success without acknowledging the role played by other humans.

We’re here to help one another get there.

The past year’s work culminated in a retreat called the Mighty Summit. It was such a treat to facilitate this retreat/conference/camp/gathering.

Unknown to me at the beginning of the weekend, both Margaret Stewart of YouTube and Fountly and Leah from A Girl and a Boy had items on their life lists that had to do with opening champagne. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was helping them cross that off.

Thanks to the wines of Roederer Estate, I held a sabering clinic, where I demonstrated the technique for chopping the top off of a bottle of wine with a knife.

And now you can try too.

If you’d like to skip ahead, photos from the weekend are in the Flickr pool and Zan’s photostream.

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