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California Wine for Dummies Giveaway

This is an email giveaway.

Email me your most embarrassing wine question.
Email me something that you’re ashamed you don’t know.
Email me at hjAThelenjaneDOTcom with “wine for dummies” in the subject line.
Email me your address in the body of the email.

You can ask about the price of wine, about labels, about laws, about what tastes good, heck, email me about what’s the big deal about wine, anyway.
Wine can be a complicated beverage and I’d love to make it easier.

I will take my favorite ten questions, publish the answers and questions anonymously on the site and send you a copy of California Wine for Dummies.

You have a really good chance of getting a free book, is all I’m saying.
Sound good?

And if you care about this kind of thing, the rest of the useful sponsor items left from the Mighty Summit were packed up to donate to the Napa Emergency Womens Shelter.

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