28 September, 2010  |   3 Comments

Do wine glasses matter? Update!

From our gorgeous friend Erin of ACME Fine Wines and the soon to be released Hearty Splash, this update to yesterday’s question:

JH & Sully“The good folks who have been running Riedel (rhymes with needle, sharp like glass) for 350 years have spent an awful lot of time and research proving that yes, different shapes of glasses do make wines taste and smell differently.

Those bulbous, balloony glasses allow Pinot Noir’s delicate aromas to waft up, but the tapered, comparatively smaller opening at the top of the glass help keep those capricious aromas from floating away.

By contrast, the narrower glasses honestly do streamline the flavors and aromas of a wine like riesling, and shoot them right to the parts of your nose and mouth that will pick them up most appropriately. BUT~ that’s for folks who are looking to identify every distinct component of a wine, nothing you would do while eating dinner with friends (talk about being anti-social).

Fancy glasses can elevate an evening, but unless you’re training to be a master sommelier or are rolling out the red carpet for a special affair, use whichever glasses you like.”

Isn’t Erin the smartest?

And when I finally get that web site of hers up and running, I’ll point you to her for this kind of advice.

3 thoughts on “Do wine glasses matter? Update!

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    agirlandaboy says:

    Yay Erin! We love our gigantic balloon glasses. Using them makes everything feel a little fancier, even if we’re drinking $5 chianti paired with leftover pizza.

  2. 2
    ESully says:

    Well hey, that picture makes me want to start planning next year’s birthday party… And no joke- *just* hung up the phone, placing an order for Riedel glasses.
    @agirlandaboy ~ hurrah for $5 chianti in fancy glasses! Why the hell not? xo

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    Jessica P says:

    I also really do think the glass matters. We use specific Riedel glassware every day, but we’re lucky in that Tom won a contest so we have *lots* of glasses–doesn’t really matter much when they break.

Hooray for replies!