11 November, 2010  |   1 Comment

The Joy Whisperer

When it comes down to it,
all we fight about,
all we ever fight about,
is how we find our joy.

When this guy is angry with this guy,
at the most basic,
it is that both parties disagree
over how to find joy.

Religious wars,
familial spats,
we can boil it all down to
“I don’t agree with how you find joy.”

Some find joy by cutting others down,
hurting them,
pointing out their weaknesses,

These folks feel better every time they show the world
that they don’t agree with how you found joy.

Rather than fight back,
rather than complain,
rather than be so quick to anger,
we can help them find joy in other places.

Joy in a positive community.
Joy in support.
Joy in helping.

If someone frustrates or
angers you today,
take a second to figure out,
how is their joy
differing from yours.

You may find you’re not really all that angry after all.

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    This is a great post and a really interesting way of looking at joy/anger. Thanks for this.

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