15 November, 2010  |   Comment

Bocce Awards Ceremony

Our newest memberLast Thursday we held our annual bocce awards ceremony.

Certainly, you could say it was a waste of our time.
Certainly, you could say we looked silly, in our matching red jackets,
with our toasts,
with our claps on the back.

Certainly, we were a little silly.

Silly indeed, our bocce awards ceremony is important to me,
maybe even sacred.

Once a year, we gather these people together to say, “Hey! You tried your best and I noticed!”

I was lucky to have that happen a lot for me as a kid.
Through music, sports and art,
people created time and space to let me know that my effort did not pass by unnoticed.

That happens nigh never as a grown up.
And it could happen more.

Bocce Award Ceremony

So Tom, he won the Ringer award, the yearly award we give out for best play.
Everyone else received a collaged medallion that hung around their neck.
The medallion had one word on it that represented the team member’s contribution to the team.
Words like,
(Okay, that’s two words, but you get the point.)

Is there a group of grown ups in your life that are working hard with no recognition?

Might I suggest a pizza party with some certificates or cardboard medallions?
It bounced me into this week with a smile and an appreciation of friendship.

Hooray for replies!