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The First Thanksgiving Adventureparty

We hosted 30 people for an Adventureparty!
We fed 30 people an amazing Thanksgiving dinner!
Team Adventureparty! Go!

Team Adventureparty

What happened during our Adventureparty?

Guests arrived at 2:00pm and were greeted with some mulled wine.
(We used slow cookers to keep it warm.)

At two-thirty, we announced the teams, the mission, the rules and handed out team bags and envelopes.

Go Jamestown!

Envelopes held a word scramble and rules. The word scrambles represented different places in our small town of St. Helena so we made sure to have a local or three on each team.

At each stop, guests would have to complete a task and collect an item. Each stop was helmed by a generous volunteer.

Apple BobbingSince it was raining, we did some last minute reshuffling of spots. Actually, the rain made a big impact on the day. Might I recommend you always have a rain plan?

At Natalie’s stop, she made one member of each team bob for an apple before they could get an item for their bag.
(Not to mention the Puritan Punch for delicious consumption.)

Cheers Phil!

At Jen’s spot, teams had to play a game of Blind Man’s Bluff before they enjoyed some Sinner’s Cider and collected their accessories.


Did I mention the freezing, driving rain?

At Paul’s spot, teams shared a pitcher of Reverend’s Ale and were regaled with Pilgrim jokes.

Ana's Cantina

Brit and Caffo

At another spot, teams made Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys to get their item.
In another location, teams made name tags with their Puritan or Indian name.

Rev. Chillingsworth

It was important that teams made it back to the main location by four.
(Phase II.)
The first team back was the Plymouth Porkers.
(A rather fetching team, if I do say so myself.)

Winners win!

After all the teams returned, Phase II of the Adventureparty began.
We made scarecrows.

Over the next hour, each team built a scarecrow out of the items they’d collected around town. We’d originally intended to do this outside, but the weather, aye, the weather, made it impossible.
(No getting the Pox on our watch. That’s the Team Adventureparty motto!)

When the scarecrows were constructed, we made the walk to the spot where dinner was to be served. We’d hired a chef friend to make a big giant Thanksgiving dinner (menu here) for all adventurers.

Being chilled to the bone and hungry as heck, we were eager to dig in.
Scarecrows and hand turkeys provided the decor.
Paul and Natalie’s garage provided the event space.

Saving the patrons

We handed out awards.
We gave thanks.
We shared great wine and great food.


Let’s have another adventure together!

11 thoughts on “The First Thanksgiving Adventureparty

  1. 1
    Erin says:

    Oh my god this looks like SO MUCH FUN!

  2. 2
    jiff says:

    I love this! I have to round up the Germans and do this next year. And the menu looks divine. No wonder you’re so busy!

  3. 3
    Simon says:

    I think that the rain made it more fun than it otherwise would have been.

    Had a great time. Best T-giving dinner EVER. No shit.

  4. 4
    Erin says:

    Yay – so happy to have been there!

    And to have WON. 😉

  5. 5
    amanda says:

    OMG, this looks BEYOND fun.

  6. 6
    Jess says:

    The food was super yummy and thanks so much to everyone who helped organize, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while! Oh & go Porkers!!! 😉

  7. 7
    agirlandaboy says:

    So so so fun. SO FUN. (I’ll put my photos up today!)

  8. 8
    agirlandaboy says:

    Photos and video! Photos and video! http://bit.ly/gCapHp

  9. 9
    Helen Jane says:

    Leah, you’re AMAZING. AWESOME!

  10. 10
    Aubs says:

    I am shocked – SHOCKED! – that I am drinking wine in that photo. It’s so unlike me.

  11. 11
    Beth says:

    I had A BLAST and can’t wait until the next one! Many thanks to all of the organizers!

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