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Friday already

Baby headsIt shouldn’t be so hard to change my behavior. But I’m having a hard time getting into exercising.

There’s just always something I owe someone, or a project or a child needing tending or a meal needing preparing or a party needing planning or a phone call or some laundry or baaaaaaah something.

It shouldn’t be this hard because life is just screaming along.
Three months, three schmonths.
I blink and that’s passed.

So why is it so hard to develop the behavior that includes daily exercise?

Do I need to hire a trainer?
Make a workout buddy meet me?
Put money on it?

Please internet, I’d love your advice.

11 thoughts on “Friday already

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    Charlie says:

    Oh do I feel your pain!

    I am training to run a 10k right now (and I am not a runner by the way). I had to make myself register for the race in order to stay committed. Normally, I would have given up halfway through week 2. Registering keeps me honest… Because if there is anything I loathe more than exercise, it is wasting money!

    Good Luck Helen Jane! You can do it!!!!

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    elainepill says:

    the best thing that works for me when i’m trying to get (back) into a workout/exercise routine is to start small. like, do 10 minutes of brisk walking 4 times a week (or so) and up the time every 2 weeks or so. don’t overwhelm yourself with long or involved plans. hope it works!

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    Kristen says:

    There are two things I find really helpful. First — schedule what you want to do, a week or more in advance if possible. And don’t be afraid to start small, with just 20 or 30 minutes set aside. But don’t just set aside time — plan out the type of exercise you will do, and pick something you don’t hate.

    Second — accountability is huge. If you have someone who will be a workout buddy, that’s great! If not, find someone who you can call or text or email when you’re lacking motivation, and get them to hold you accountable. Make it someone who will check up on you if they don’t hear about your workouts for a couple of days, and also who will give you some much-deserved props when you do what you’ve planned to do.

    Good luck!

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    JenB says:

    I have been seeing a trainer one a week or more for almost four years. For ME, this has made all the difference. I know I am doing things right. Doing new things. And she notices the changes, however small or big that encourage me to keep going.

  5. 5

    I am sooo not the one to ask.

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    Amanda Brown says:

    After taking four years off of exercising regularly (had 3 kids in four years) I have just decided to make it a priority again. For me, I knew it had to be out of the house and I had to pay money for it, or else I’d make excuses. So I’m going twice a week to a boot camp class and loving it. Hope you can find your way back to regular physical activity. It really does help with my energy level too, which is nice since I haven’t slept through the night in four years. Ouch.

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    Jessica says:

    I walk (most days) around 9am, if you’d like to buddy-up.

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    Angella says:

    Amanda Brown is one of best friends and is a fellow victim of a morning Boot Camp. If you lived here, we would make you join us. 😉

    As for me, I found that getting into the habit of it was key. It’s like it is for our kids – spend the time making it a habit and then it just happens naturally.

    Or something. 🙂

  9. 9
    allison says:

    You need to schedule it and treat it like the meeting of a life time with your best client – every time. Hard to do every time but it gets easier. also helps to sign up for an event (you like those). 5ks are fun to start…plenty of good wine country cycling opportunities too. Buy yourself some fancy new workout clothes – that helps too.

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    Cindy Mc says:

    I roll out of bed first thing in the morning, throw on sweats, and walk for 25-30 minutes in the neighborhood. If I wait any longer than that, I will definitely talk myself out of going. I just try to get it over with before I actually wake up all the way, so I don’t have to spend any time dreading it. Also made a little chart where I can log my exercise just as a way to give myself a feeling of accomplishment.

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    Wendy says:

    Yoga. Maybe start with vinyasa. And the 5k thing that’s fun too but yoga helps your ability to manage everything else. Which makes you want it like a massage or a beer and you say “sorry not tonight I have a yoga class”

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