28 January, 2011  |   Comment

Tip round up @HJEntertains

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  • Host gift for the cheese enthusiast: Mozzerella and Ricotta DIY Cheese kit. http://bit.ly/fn92cf
  • I know he’s a friend of mine but GoVino’s wine glasses really are the best bet for wine on the go http://bit.ly/d0JFly
  • Remove white wines from the fridge about 15 minutes before serving.
  • Oh man, just go find this cheese. Find it, take it home with you and love it forever. http://bit.ly/b4f8EW
  • Once people sit down, have them turn their place cards around so that guests at the table are reminded who’s who
  • Fondue parties really just throw themselves. So invest in some decent kirsch so you’re prepared. http://bit.ly/cheDo6
  • Fire Lanterns make any event magical. http://firelanterns.multiply.com/
  • These luminarias made everyone glow. Just paper bags filled with birdseed and a votive candle. http://bit.ly/aCLUf6

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