8 February, 2011  |   Comment

Party with my feet up.

An ill-timed foray into Boot Camp had me on the couch, feet up and back out. Then, the Toxicity Gods then released a virus into my head and face. So, while I’m sitting, I might as well be sitting.

That’s okay.
I’m healing.
And planning a Valentine’s day celebration.

All I’m doing today is using paper and pen to plan our celebratory breakfast.

Next Monday morning, I’ll serve my family a special Valentine’s day breakfast.

I will continue to live my life with needs of full-time work, part time child care and all the side projects for stick shaking.

I refuse to stay up late or add undue stress to my back (ARGH BACK) or my virusface.

So today, I’m planning.

First, I write out the dishes I want to serve.

Then, I work backward, adding tasks like “Shopping” and “make playlist.”

I put them in my schedule, and all this listing can take no more than 15 minutes.

This Valentine’s day, we’ll sit down at seven am to a decorated table, hot chocolate, a special Valentine’s day coffee cake, an eggy casserole and some turkey sausage breakfast patties.

I’ll share my to-do list, my schedule, the recipes and the crafts this week.

Is there anyone you’d like to celebrate on Valentine’s day? What secrets are up your clever sleeve?

Hooray for replies!