14 February, 2011  |   Comment

Visiting Auntie Fee

We visited my sister this weekend in the chilly beach town of Pacifica.

We spent a sleepless night with a wailing toddler.
Then we cuddled through a blissful morning.

Heart shaped pancakes.
The beach.

And then the kids enjoyed their first happy meals.

What? We live 45 minutes from happy meals.
It’s a huge treat amongst all this foie gras and umi laying about.

(My favorite part? That Nora Lea insists upon calling Ronald McDonald “she.” And now, Ms. Ronnie, as she shall be known, is one of our dearest imaginary play friends.)


My sister is the only lady who knows me that well.
We’ve had our fights.
We’ve had our fights.
But we’re family.

Haircut at the beach

And I’m so glad we’re friends as adults.

Nora Lea and Auntie Fee

And that she reminds me of the time I told her to fake a broken leg to get out of a show choir performance. And she DID. And it WORKED.

All the girls and all their stuff

I hope my girls can have this kind of complicated, beautiful relationship with each other. But I know not to force it.

Hope your heart is as full as mine.
Happy Valentine’s day!

Hooray for replies!