14 February, 2011  |   7 Comments

Strawberry Hearts

I do this every time I cut strawberries but thought it particularly appropriate for Valentine’s day.

Get a strawberry.

Cut the strawberry at a 45° angle from the top right towards the middle.

Remove the knife and cut it at the opposite 45% degree angle toward the strawberry’s middle.

Now your strawberry looks like this from the top.

And this from the side.

Now cut the strawberry in half lengthwise.

And there you have it, two heart shaped strawberry pieces.

Much love to you and yours this Valentine’s day!

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Hearts

  1. 1
    Carrie S. says:

    Simple and adorable! I love it and can’t wait to try this out!

  2. 2
    natalie says:

    Making these for sure this week with Grandma Peggy. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. 3
    SFsourDoh says:

    To cut in half again just yell “I hate you!”, and they will break.

  4. 4
    Helen Jane says:

    @SFsourDoh Ha!

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