21 February, 2011  |   2 Comments

Weeknight Dinner Party Week

“I really like Bob and Robbie, why don’t we have them over some time?”

Because you and yours and Bob and Robbie are busy.
Busy, busy, busy.
Your weekends are packed,
you’re exhausted at the end of the day and
it all just seems like such

It’s a wonder we remember to floss.
Or something.

But wait.
Friends, family, hospitality.
That’s it.
That’s what’s important.

So let’s prioritize.
Let’s host a weeknight dinner party.

This week we’re going to finally invite Bob and Robbie over.

We’re going to tuck this party into next Thursday night.
We’re going to prepare a tasty dinner,
offer a comfortable atmosphere,
have those friends over.

Let’s not freak out about it,
spend a bazillion dollars or
harbor a speck of resentment.

Let’s do it!

Here’s the menu we’ll be preparing, a mix of make ahead and assembled items that can be worked into a work week.

Weeknight Dinner Party Menu including short ribs with gremolata, butter lettuce salad, whipped potatoes and coconut macaroons

Have you thrown a weeknight dinner party? Any tips for pulling it off? Add them to the comments!

2 thoughts on “Weeknight Dinner Party Week

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    Erin says:

    Can I be Robbie? And while it is apparently National Margarita Day today, that dinner makes me very red wine thirsty…

  2. 2
    Erin O. says:

    My girlfriend’s and I do a monthly weeknight dinner party. We love it and I think the key is that we don’t try to make “party food”. We’ve had meatloaf / au gratin potatoes / salad, lasagna / salad / garlic bread, soup / salad / dessert. And of course…WINE. 🙂

Hooray for replies!