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Dinner Party Playlist

Putting the music together for your dinner party can be done during lunch. And it can be done months ahead of time. Easy.

Want to get really into it?
Plan your music around the timing of your party.

You invited Bob and Robbie over for dinner at seven on Thursday. You have thirty minutes to get the food on the table. So plan for the first fifteen minutes to have greeting music.

The next fifteen? Cocktail drinking music.
The next forty-five? Quiet, dinner support music.
The last fifteen, it’s up to you.
Dance party?
Dessert music?

Let’s pretend you’re not a terribly musical person.
Let’s pretend you invited a weekday dinner party guest that’s broke.
Let’s pretend she can’t cook.
Now let’s pretend they asked what they could bring to the party.

Suggestion: Ask them to bring a music mix for the party.
Note: If you care DEEPLY about the music, this is not a good thing to suggest, keep yourself happy and make a mix yourself.

My favorite way to find music for parties is to Google what other people recommend. Real Simple magazine made a great mellow dinner party mix on iTunes.

Another recommendation is the love of my life, Pandora, I love the Dean Martin station, Van Morrison is a crowd pleaser, and Jazzhole makes me seem cleverer than I am.

Great dinner party artists include Carla Bruni, Pink Martini, Cassandra Wilson, Victoria Clark, Kristen Chenowith.

Then again, I’m a child of show tunes and the nineties.

Happy musicking!

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