25 February, 2011  |   Comment

Tweets from last week

  • Don’t push friends out the door as soon as you pull the dessert plates, allow time for a little chitter chatter.
  • For dinner parties that include wine. Always buy more wine than you think you’ll need. It goes fast.
  • RT @winesisterhood: There will always be someone more talented, but never someone more called. Live according to your calling, not your talent
  • @BanksConrad You are a one man anti-whipped potato force. Yes, roasted or Scalloped spuds are also formidable contenders.
  • Big fat centerpieces can make it hard for guests to talk. Short candles and short vases are what this HJ recommends.
  • These coconut macaroons will work quite easily into your weekday dinner party. http://bit.ly/hJ3Snj Dead. Easy.
  • Take time to introduce your dinner party guests to each other, it seems weird and old-fashioned but everyone appreciates it.
  • Weeknight dinner party assembled desserts: Fancy ice cream. Pound cake and fruit. Fancy chocolates. Cheese and Port.
  • Have a snack ready for folks who arrive early. Nuts, dried fruit, fancy potato chips, snack mix, Wasabi peas,
  • RT @ANDREW WK PARTY TIP: Think about how intense it is to be a woman.
  • Let guests know if you’ll be serving dessert so they’ll know to save some room in their bellies.
  • Weeknight dinner party? Set the table the night before for one less thing to worry about.
  • It’s a good Monday afternoon to make a Valentine’s day mix cd for all the kinds of the love in your life.
  • There are so many cute valentines for inspiration that this crafty girl gets frozen with envy. Construction paper and scissors show them that you care.
  • Recovering from yesterday’s Super Bowl festivities? My go-to helpers are Tangerine Emergen-C and ibuprofen.

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